CH. Talbot Hill’s Overture


CH. Talbot Hill’s Overture

(CH. Starbuck Torbay Gold Rush x CH. Starbuck Torbay Special Moment)

January 26, 2002 – September 10, 2012

Talbot Hill began with an Overture, a song that began just before midnight on January 26, 2002.  “Rosie” was the first of five red & white female puppies that would arrive that night…and my love for red & white beagles began with that litter.  With a pedigree dominated by Daragoj, Dialynne, Dufosee, Torbay and Manahound, I hoped for just one puppy, small enough to show in the US, yet retaining the type, movement, structure and breeding qualities that I valued in that pedigree.  I got that wish…and I got my first home-bred champion.

A good breeder never expects perfection in just one generation…or even two or three.  The focus is not on breeding the next show prospect but on building a strong and lasting breeding program, building upon and respecting the hard work and dedication of breeders who have come before and building and preserving the breed for the future.  That has always been my focus.  Rosie was bred twice and I kept one bitch puppy from each litter to build upon.  She had a loving, sweet temperament; big, dark eyes that gave that soft and pleading expression that we want in the breed; she used herself well and covered ground with ease; an easy, free-whelping bitch, she was blessed with the maternal qualities of her grandmother, the great brood bitch, BISS CH. Daragoj Chelsea.  She wanted more coat; bone and substance, while adequate, could have been more; and she had too much tuck up.  But…she was a good place to start and I was blessed to have her.

Rosie’s first litter, by BIS CH. Beowulf Ransomcreek Hide In Plain Sight, produced four champions:

CH. Talbot Hill’s Secret Garden (13″), dam of multiple BIS/BISS CH. Talbot Hill’s Thyme After Time

CH. Talbot Hill’s I’ve Got A Secret (13″), dam of BISS CH. Danter’s Son of Trouble and BISS and 2011 NBC 13″ BOV CH. Danter’s Itty Bitty Trouble

CH. Talbot Hill’s Secret Liaison (13″), male puppy, finished in three weeks before the age of seven months

CH. Talbot Hill’s Secret Mission, also finished very quickly, although shown at a later age.

Rosie’s second litter, by CH Perkys Winter Storm, a 13″ red and white male, produced four lovely puppies but I kept just one to show:

CH. Talbot Hill’s Opus One (13″), Maya finished with back-to-back five point majors on a specialty weekend and produced a very nice male sired by BISS CH. Ha-Penny’s Too Much Trouble: CH. Talbot Hill’s Opus Too, “Michael”.  Michael is the sire of BISS CH. Copper Rose Myles of Smiles, 13″.

Maya’s second litter, by BIS and 2008 NBC Specialty Winner, CH. Jabrwoki Le Jazz Hot, also produced some very nice puppies.  I was battling non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the time and was unable to keep any of the puppies but I am grateful to Nancy Moen (Sealgair Beagles) for taking CH. Talbot Hill One Sunday Morning, “Pascha”.  While she was a bit short on leg, “Pascha” possessed the beautiful shoulders that I hoped to get from this breeding and I couldn’t bear to place such a valuable asset in a pet home.  “Pascha” has produced a beautiful first litter for Nancy and I look forward to seeing the puppies that she produces in the future.


Best of Variety under breeder-judge, Andrew Brace, at the all-breed shows following the Aldie Nationals in 2002.  Mr. Brace did not know at the time that he was awarding the BOV to a great-granddaughter of his great English champion, CH. Diallynne Tolliver of Tragband.

Rosie Pedigree


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