Dukeang Tiny




Dukeang Tiny (imp. Arg)

Talbot Hill Lemon Thyme x CH. Dukeang Little Princess (Arg)

15″ Winner’s Bitch – 2013 CWBC Specialty

They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words” but there are a few things that a picture can’t convey.  While the baby photos above show a balanced puppy with soft expression and great feet, there are other qualities that can’t be seen.  Tiny has a hard outer coat, a fantastic temperament, a breeder with whom I share a great working relationship.  Tiny has entered the show ring just three times as a 6 – 9 month puppy and left the ring each time with a major.  She now sits on three majors, 12 points, awaiting Nationals at the end of October.

**Congratulations to Breeder and Co-Owner, German Hugo Carignano, on the debut of Tiny’s littermate, Dukeang Kenai.  At just 6 months of age, this stunning red & white boy debuted with two Group 1’s and a Reserve BIS.**


Co-owned with Dukeang Kennel

2 thoughts on “Dukeang Tiny

  1. Now we have lost our other beagle, Mattie to cancer. It’s been almost more than we can take having lost Hunter last fall. Having their ashes in our bedroom is not the same as having them to cuddle, but at least we can talk to them—and they are home with us. We adopted a little girl named Abby who is a Jack Russel in the face and beagle in body. We need to get a small female beagle to be her pal.
    We are finding it hard to adopt/buy any dog but that beautiful beagle face. We have always had beagles from shelters or humane societies—Abby is an exception to the full-blooded beagle. Perhaps I should call and see if it is possible. Money is an object of concern—seems like it always is. But, your name caught our eyes because Bruce Worked at Talbot Hill Park in Renton managing the recreation program at that park

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. You must miss Mattie very much. I don’t have any beagles available at this time but I plan to have two litters in early 2019.

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