I Want a Talbot Hill Puppy


I appreciate the inquiries that I have received regarding my upcoming litter.  It will be my first litter in six years and I look forward to having another litter of Talbot Hill puppies.  As with every litter that I breed, a great deal of research goes into the planning of the litter and since I am bringing these puppies into the world, I take equal time and care in selecting the best possible homes for them.

Much has changed since my last litter in 2009.  A battle with cancer, a series of health issues, and other life events put breeding beagles on hold until now.  I am rebuilding my web site, my application process, and preparing to have a litter in a new home.  I appreciate your patience and will supply information as soon as possible.  Please check the Puppies page of my site in May 2015 for more information or “Follow” my blog for updates.

I will not be replying to requests for information about puppies at this time. 

In response to a few common questions….

Pet puppies are $800

I do not maintain a waiting list for puppies

I do not breed “Toy”, “Tea Cup”, “Mini” or “Pocket” Beagles.  Most of my puppies will be 15″ beagles.  13″ beagles are possible but I do not breed for size…or color.


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