This Week At Talbot Hill…

Dukeang Tiny came in season last week, causing a flurry of activity and the necessitating a final decision regarding a stud dog for Dukeang Kennel and Talbot Hill.  Health tests have been completed, the stud dog owner has been contacted, and on April 2nd, Tiny boarded an early morning flight.

Puppy inquiries continue to come in daily and while I appreciate the interest, I am not yet responding to questions about the upcoming litter.  Information will be posted on the Puppies page of my site and the most up-to-date announcements can be received by following my Blog.

An announcement regarding the stud dog chosen and a pedigree for the litter will be posted in the Blog very soon.

I received an inquiry this morning with a wonderful question:  “What should I know about you and your business?” and the frequently asked question:  “How much do your puppies cost?”  I smiled at the first question because any good breeder knows that what they do, they do because they have a passion for their breed.  The breed has captured their heart and soul and each litter is bred with careful thought, research, and consideration for both the breeder’s own breeding program and the future of the breed.  It is most assuredly not “a business” as that would imply that profit is, at least on some level, a goal.  A good breeder simply hopes to break even.  Two years of careful thought, research, and planning have gone into this litter.  $2000 has been invested in health clearances, stud fee, shipping expenses and other costs…and the litter has not even been bred!  If I am able to sell two pet puppies at $800 each, I will recoup much of my initial investment…but there are no guarantees. So, what should you know about me and my “business”?….  🙂

I’ll write more at a later time but, for now, you should know that each litter is brought into the world with great care, thought, and intention.  I enjoy the process of breeding healthy, beautiful beagles and I take my responsibility to find proper homes for my puppies very seriously.

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