The Puppy Application Process

It’s now two weeks since Tiny was first bred and I don’t know yet if she is pregnant.  If she is pregnant, I don’t know if she will have three puppies or eight.  I don’t know how many males or females there will be or whether they will be show quality or pets.  I don’t know what color they will be.  Like a small child, counting the days until Christmas, I wait….

My puppies are brought very intentionally into the world and whether the puppies stay with me or with my breeding partner in Argentina, whether they find homes with breeders or they live wonderful lives as companions, I owe it to them to find the best possible homes for them.  As a breeder with 30 years in the breed, I have a responsibility to educate potential buyers about the breed and about the application process and I hope to do that on this site.

I’ve successfully placed puppies in a variety of homes over the years but some situations are better than others.  The ideal situation is a home with a securely fenced yard where someone will be home throughout the day.  As a scent hound, the beagle’s instinct to follow its nose is very strong and can get it into trouble.  For that reason, it requires a very secure yard and must always be walked on leash.  As a breed that was bred to live and work in a pack, that pack instinct is very strong as well and they like companionship…which is one reason why they make such good family dogs.  A beagle that is left at home alone during the day may suffer from anxiety or find ways to entertain itself that “mom and dad” might not appreciate.

As exciting as the prospect of a new puppy may be, there are times when introducing a new puppy to the family is not ideal for the puppy…or the family.  “Occasions”…such as Christmas or birthdays…are not appropriate times to add a puppy to a family.  A new puppy is A LOT of work and to get your relationship off to a good start, your new family member needs your full attention.  It’s difficult to provide that attention during the holidays when there are so many other distractions.  Inflicting an exuberant puppy on an aging senior dog is also not an ideal situation, particularly for the senior who would prefer to spend sleepy afternoons by your side…without a bouncing puppy disturbing their dreams.  If a move is pending, if there are other uncertainties in your future…now is not the time to add a puppy to your life.  Wait until life is settled and your entire family can be involved in getting the puppy off to a great start.

Sometimes, adopting a young adult beagle is a better choice for a family.  It’s an option that buyers are not always aware of but it is often a very good situation for the family, the breeder, and the beagle.  Breeders will often have a retired show dog or a young dog that has retired from the breeding program that is ready to find a wonderful “forever home”.  As a breeder, it’s difficult for us to say goodbye but if we don’t, we may find that we soon have a very large collection of dogs.  Most importantly, if we can find a home where that dog can be loved and spoiled…well, that is what we ultimately want for all of our dogs.

Finding the right homes for my beagles is a process that I take very seriously.  I want their first home to be their final home.  If for any reason the beagle is not successful in it’s new home, I want it to come home to me…but I want to avoid having to do that.  It’s difficult for the family, for me and, most importantly, for the beagle.

More details about applying for a puppy will come soon….

5 thoughts on “The Puppy Application Process

  1. Thank you for the update! I’ve learned all that after having my first dog…a beagle!! Luckily, I work in the evenings part time and the one day that I’m working all day, I have a dog walker. My family is great and understand that outings must be cut short! Spunky is never boarded and if we do go on vacation, he’s with relatives. I am so happy to find such a reputable and caring breeder as I feel the same way. At this time, I cannot bring home a puppy but am seriously thinking about it in the next few years. In the meantime, I enjoy your updates.

  2. How old are the retired beagle for adoption & cost? I adopted 1 1/2 yr. old beagle had her for 16 1/2 yrs..

  3. How do I go about getting one of the puppies from the next breed. I don’t see a phone number on the website. Thank you

    1. When the puppies are here and I know which puppies are available, I will post an application on my web site. Follow my blog or Facebook group for notification about available puppies. I do not keep a waiting list and I do not respond to inquiries about puppies until puppies are available.

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