Talbot Hill Dukeang Earl Grey


Talbot Hill Dukeang Earl Grey, “Grey”

Blue Tri-Color male, whelped June 10, 2015

BIS/BISS GCH. Shadynook McDreamy At RK N’Tooker x CH. Dukeang Tiny

“Grey” will soon make his home with a long-time Talbot Hill family

tinyandtrey pedigree


3 weeks


“Grey” at 4 weeks.  For those who are familiar with his great-grandfather, you will understand when I say that I think of Grey as my little blue Marvin.  He is a hairy little fellow with loads of personality.  He had better things to do than stand properly for his photo on this day.  His front is better than it may appear.

greyh5w grey5w

5 Weeks

grey6wf grey6wp

Talbot Hill Dukeang Earl Grey at 6 weeks.  This beautiful blue boy has a wonderful temperament…and many admirers!  People are lining up to offer Grey a new home but he will soon be going to his new home in August…lucky boy!

greyf7w greyp7w

Talbot Hill Dukeang Earl Grey at 7 Weeks


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