Talbot Hill Dukeang Dragonwell


Talbot Hill Dukeang Dragonwell, “George”

Blue Tri-Color male, whelped June 10, 2015

Staying with Talbot Hill Dukeang

BIS/BISS GCH. Shadynook McDreamy At RK N’Tooker x CH. Dukeang Tiny

tinyandtrey pedigree

george3w georgeh3w Georgeprofile3w

3 Weeks

george4w george4w3

4 Weeks

georgeh5w george5w

warm george

5 Weeks

george6wf georgep6w

Talbot Hill Dukeang Dragonwell at 6 weeks.  “George” has caught my eye from the first time I stacked him on a table.  His overall balance and just a touch of “elegance” are things that I like to see in my beagles.  Some girls love jewels, some girls love shoes….give me a beagle with square muzzle, soft expression, freedom of movement, tight feet and strong topline….and I am a happy girl.  I look forward to watching this puppy mature.

georgef7w georgep7w

Talbot Hill Dukeang Dragonwell, “George”, at 7 weeks


8 Weeks


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