What’s In A Name…

Co-workers and non-breeder friends will often marvel at the fancy names of show dogs…”That’s quite a name for such a little dog!”…but there is some method to what can, admittedly, seem a bit…well, excessive…to those outside the show dog community.

A registered name (the name registered with the kennel club) will typically begin with the kennel name, or “prefix” of the breeder, in my case “Talbot Hill”.  This can be helpful to other breeders when studying pedigrees because it helps to identify who bred the dog and any questions could then be directed to the appropriate breeder.  In some cases, when a litter is co-owned and co-bred by two breeders you may find two kennel names in the registered names of the puppies, as in my current litter, co-bred with Dukeang Kennel in Argentina.  The names of all of the puppies begin with “Talbot Hill Dukeang”.  After that, a word or phrase identifying the individual puppy within the litter is chosen and these words or phrases will often follow a theme for that particular litter.

Themes are often inspired by the sire and/or dam of the litter.  For example, my dog, Talbot Hill’s Thyme After Time, was sired by Daragoj Matter of Time, out of my bitch, Talbot Hill’s Secret Garden.  Playing with “Time” from dad and “Garden” from mom, I got Thyme After Time, call name “Herbie”.

I considered several themes for my 2015 Trey x Tiny litter but in the end decided upon a “Tea” theme.  Mom and dad both have four letter call names beginning with “T” and after playing with that, I eventually landed upon “Tea”…..

One of the things that I enjoy most about my involvement in dogs, beyond simply enjoying their companionship, is the people and culture that they introduce me to.  I have had the good fortune to travel to shows throughout the US, I’ve been to Crufts (England) twice, and I’ve been to the Very Special Show in Denmark.  I treasure that experience and the opportunity to share a common bond with those who share a similar passion.

Several years ago I received an e-mail from a man who admired my dog, “Herbie”, and he wondered if I would be willing to sell him…he wanted to use Herbie to improve his breeding program.  I was flattered, of course, but he did not know at the time what this dog meant to me or what he had seen me through.  Instead, we became friends online and since it was not easy at the time to export frozen semen to Argentina, I suggested that he ship one of his bitches to my friend, Mauro (MG Beagles), in Guadalajara who had a Herbie son out of my bitch Talbot Hill’s Razzle Dazzle who was the 2006 13″ BOW/BBE at Nationals.  He took my advice and a lovely litter resulted.  In gratitude, he chose a bitch from the litter and sent her to me:  CH. Dukeang Tiny.  A wonderful friendship grew and when we met for the first time at the 2013 Nationals; his entire family and I instantly became “family”.  We exchanged gifts and I was presented with a beautiful gourd or “pumpkin” and was taught to drink Yerba Mate, the traditional drink of Argentina…and I love it!!!

In church we share a common cup in communion, bringing us together as one.  Throughout the world we gather in coffee shops over a cup of coffee or sit down together with a cup of tea in the afternoon or at the end of the day.  Yerba Mate, Tea…things we enjoy every day; things that bring us together…isn’t that what beagles do, too?  That is the story behind the theme for my 2015 litter.

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