Talbot Hill Dukeang Rooibos

rooibos 2w

Talbot Hill Dukeang Rooibos, “Roo”

Red & White male, whelped June 10, 2015

BIS/BISS GCH. Shadynook McDreamy At RK N’Tooker x CH. Dukeang Tiny

Show Inquiries Welcome

tinyandtrey pedigree


3 Weeks


4 Weeks

rooh5w roo5w

5 Weeks

roo6wf roo6wp

Talbot Hill Dukeang Rooibos at 6 weeks.  Well, what’s not to like here!?!  Look at that front!  This puppy has angles, pretty head, substance…  I’m excited to watch this puppy develop over the coming weeks.

**Tail may appear to have a kink in the photo above but does not.

roof7w roop7w

Talbot Hill Dukeang Rooibos, “Roo”, at 7 Weeks


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