Talbot Hill Dukeang Yerba Mate

mate 2w

Talbot Hill Dukeang Yerba Mate, “Mate”

Tri-Color male, whelped June 10, 2015

BIS/BISS GCH. Shadynook McDreamy At RK N’Tooker x CH. Dukeang Tiny

Mate has been sold to Criadero Del Guayacan in Panama.  He will remain in the US to attain his AKC title before traveling south for a show career in Central and South America.

tinyandtrey pedigree


3 Weeks


At 4 weeks, Mate is the smallest of the puppies.

mateh5w mate5w

Still the smallest in the litter, with a lovely temperament, Mate baits for Gouda, double cream Gouda.  🙂

mate6w mate6wp

Talbot Hill Dukeang Yerba Mate at 6 weeks.  I love his big dark eyes with loads of mascara, compact body, tight feet, great topline but, perhaps most of all, the thing that stands out about this puppy is his marvelous temperament.  He’s a delightful little fellow!

matef7w 20150729_081700

Talbot Hill Dukeang Yerba Mate at 7 Weeks


8 Weeks


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