Sorting the Puppies

My daughter, Amanda, and I are big fans of the Harry Potter books and films and as I sit here this afternoon, looking at the puppies at three weeks of age, I find myself imagining what it would be like if there was a Sorting Hat for puppies, deciding which puppies would stay with the breeder, which would go to show/exhibitor homes, and which would go to pet homes.  That would make the process so much easier but it would take away what, for me, is half the fun…watching the puppies grow, mature, evolve, change…and reveal who they are.

At three weeks of age, a breeder can have a good perspective on the heads in the litter but the puppies are too young, too limp, too “doughy” to stand properly for evaluation…but that process can now begin.  Today I stacked the puppies on a table for the first time and was able to form a few general impressions and will continue to work with them a little each day for the next week.  Hopefully at four or five weeks I will be able to get some good photos or videos to share.  Then comes the lead training…

I’m frequently asked if I have homes for all of the puppies and the answer is….no.  None are spoken for…yet.  I have had a few show inquiries; I have had a couple of inquiries from families who have previously purchased Talbot Hill Beagles.  Will Talbot Hill and/or Dukeang keep something for ourselves?  We don’t know.  At this point, we very much like what we see…but it is too soon to make a decision about the placement of any of the puppies, and so….

I encourage breeders/exhibitors to inquire about any of the puppies.  Talbot Hill families are likewise encouraged to inquire if you are interested in a new puppy.  If you are interested in a pet puppy but have never purchased a puppy from me in the past, please follow my blog for announcements about available puppies.  Announcements should be expected in mid to late July.

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