Puppies Available

Thank you to everyone who has patiently awaited news of the puppies that would be available from my 2015 litter.  I’m very pleased with the quality of the puppies in the litter and it’s been difficult to make my first cut.  The time is coming, though, for the puppies to go to their new homes and it’s time to begin that process.  The puppies currently available from my 2015 litter are:

Talbot Hill Dukeang Earl Grey

Talbot Hill Dukeang Cardamom

Talbot Hill Dukeang Chai

The remaining puppies in the litter will stay with me for now as show prospects.  Inquiries from breeders/exhibitors are welcome.

In addition to these puppies from my own litter, I also have a friend who has a tri-color female puppy of similar age that is available and if you are interested in this puppy, please indicate your interest on your application and I will forward your information to the puppy’s breeder.

There is also one young adult male beagle available at Starbuck Torbay Beagles.  Click link to inquire.

Application Process

Pet puppies are $800 and are sold with a neuter agreement and limited AKC registration.  Puppies going to new homes in the Seattle area will be ready to go to their new homes on August 5th and can return on August 12th for their second shot.  Puppies going to homes outside of the Seattle area can go to their new homes on August 12th.

To inquire about any of the puppies, please e-mail the following information with “2015 Puppy Inquiry” in the subject line.  After reviewing the applications, appointments will be made to visit my home and meet the puppies.  If both parties wish to proceed after this visit, a home inspection is done to ensure the security of the yard and fencing and to assist me in answering training questions as the puppy adapts to its new home.  If you live outside the Seattle area, other arrangements will be made.  Send applications to:  talbothill@gmail.com





Household Members:  Both human and pet including ages

Puppy or puppies you are interested in:  “Grey”   “Cardamom”   “Chai”   “Tri Girl in CO”   Any

Describe your past experience with beagles or your reasons for choosing this breed.

Describe how the beagle will spend its day.  Do you work at home or outside the home?  Are you retired and able to spend your days with your new beagle?  Will you be taking your beagle to work?  I have successfully placed beagles in a variety of situations but I want to hear how your new beagle will fit into your family life.

Do you have training plans for your beagle or plans to compete in performance events?  Have you identified a puppy kindergarten class in your area?  Are you interested in obedience or agility?  Do you have children involved in 4H or junior showmanship?

Describe your home, yard, fencing, and gates.  If possible, include photos or video of your yard and fencing.  This is perhaps one of the most crucial questions for me…knowing that the puppies will be safe and secure in their new homes.  A beagle’s nose can get it into all sorts of trouble and I cannot emphasize strongly enough the importance of a securely fenced yard and the need to ALWAYS walk a beagle on leash.  A beagle from one of my last litters slipped out of a gate that hadn’t been completely latched by the gardener, she ran out into the street, and was hit by a car.  The family was devastated, the children were devastated, I was devastated.  Of course, accidents do happen, but I want to know that everything possible will be done to ensure their safety.

Please include any questions that you have about the breed, about the puppies, or about Talbot Hill Beagles.

4 thoughts on “Puppies Available

  1. This is the email that I have been waiting for. I will pull together all of this information that you are looking for and send it off tomorrow. My fingers are crossed that you’ll like what you see.

    Best regards, Christine Larson

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Carrie,       We want Earl Grey.  🙂  Please let us know if we can be his family. Hugs,Sandy

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