Trey x Tiny Litter at 8 Weeks

George8w     Talbot Hill Dukeang Dragonwell

mate8w     Talbot Hill Dukeang Yerba Mate

grey8w     Talbot Hill Dukeang Earl Grey

roo8w     Talbot Hill Dukeang Rooibos

chai8w     Talbot Hill Dukeang Chai

cardamom8w     Talbot Hill Dukeang Cardamom

tinyandtrey pedigree


2 thoughts on “Trey x Tiny Litter at 8 Weeks

  1. Wow! Earl Grey is gorgeous, well they all are! I just recently discovered red and white beagles and his is also such a unique coloring.
    We lost our Beagle mix on New Years Day this year and would some day love to have another Beagle in our family. We are waiting for better timing in our life so we can give a puppy the attention and training it needs and deserves. We will definitely be keeping up with your blog for future reference.

    1. Thank you, Ashley! Dad was the winner of the National Beagle Club show in 2011 and mom is a very pretty import from Argentina so we expected, and received, lovely puppies in this litter. Thank you for following my blog. I expect to share information about my next litter on my blog sometime in October. 🙂

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