2015 National Beagle Club Specialty

In mid-September I’ll be traveling to St. Louis for the 2015 National Beagle Club Specialty where exhibitors from around the country and around the world will congregate, along with one of the highest entries of beagles ever!  I won’t be exhibiting this year – Herbie is retired, Tiny has just had a litter, and George is too young – but that leaves me free to serve as a judges education mentor and to focus on the search for dogs that may be of interest for breeding next year.  I’m also excited to see young dogs bred by Dukeang Kennel and two of the top agility beagles in the US, MACH Matador MG Lone Star MXS MJS XF T2B AD SSA SJ and MACH10 Bayou Oaks Talbot Hill La Baffi MXS3 MJS3 MXF MFS TQX T2B7, both out of CH. Talbot Hill’s Razzle Dazzle who was the 13″ Best of Winners/Best Bred By Exhibitor at the 2006 Nationals.

Nationals is a time to talk with other breeders and see beagles from around the country and around the world.  It’s a time to consider future breeding plans and discuss those plans with other breeders.  Dukeang Tiny is expected to come in season again next February/March and I plan to breed her again at that time with the litter then due in May/June and ready for their new homes mid-summer 2016.  I have a stud dog in mind but I am going to Nationals to consider all of the options and to talk to other breeders.  Once I make a decision about the stud dog, an announcement will be made on my blog.  I would also like to lease a bitch to breed to George, Talbot Hill Dukeang Dragonwell.  I’m very excited about this young dog; a beautiful mover with beautiful breed type.  I’ll be talking to a few breeders at Nationals and if a suitable bitch can be found, I might have a second litter sired by George in 2016.

I am getting daily inquiries about my 2016 litter(s) but, as with my 2015 litter:  I do not maintain a waiting list (with the exception of existing Talbot Hill families who are always welcome to contact me) and will not respond to applications until the puppies have arrived.  If you want to apply for a puppy now, please fill out the application as instructed (see “Application” tab) or “Follow” my blog for the latest news about upcoming litters.  I will save applications until the litter arrives but will not respond and early application does not create priority.  I greatly appreciate the interest in Talbot Hill Beagles but do not have time to respond to the volume of inquiries that I get for puppies that do not yet exist.  For puppies and beagles that are currently available, please see the Links tab at the top of this page.

2 thoughts on “2015 National Beagle Club Specialty

  1. Hi Carrie!           I’d love to add another Beagle to our family.  Pippin will be seven years old in February and I think mellow enough to accept a new Beagle.  I have noticed that he’s much more accepting of females than males so preference would be a female puppy.  Does not matter if Tri, Red, or Blue; although, I fell in love with Earl Gray.  🙂  OMG, I’ve never seen a Blue before!  Anyway, please keep me in mind when considering homes for puppies. Thanks,Sandy

  2. Thank you, Sandy. I will add you to my list. 🙂 Like people, beagles (dogs) have temperaments and personalities that run the spectrum so I encourage people to keep an open mind with regard to the sex of their new puppy and focus instead on the the temperament and personality that might fit best in their family situation. The boys in Tiny’s 2015 litter, like their mother, all have sweet, loving temperaments but they each have their own unique personalities. We were laughing just this morning at Mate, who is already displaying many of his mother’s idiosyncracies. His brother, George, on the other hand, tries to emulate “Grandpa Herbie”…also loving but a very different personality. By the time puppies go to their new homes, I know them well and I work with the families to place the right puppy in the right home. Watch for news on my blog about my next litter, likely to come in October.

    Earl Grey was the most popular puppy in my 2015 litter and while I’ve had the blue gene in my gene pool for most of my breeding career, “Grey” and “George” were my first two blue beagles. I have to admit now that I love the color BUT I do not breed for color. Color is immaterial to the beagle’s ability to do it’s job and according to our standard “any hound color” is acceptable. When a decision is made about 2016 litter, I will also let you know what the possible colors will be. 🙂

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