2016 Phoenix Arizona Beagle Club Specialty

On February 3, 2016, “George”, Talbot Hill Dukeang Dragonwell, and I flew to Arizona to attend the 2016 PABC Specialties; two back-to-back specialties on February 4th.  We stayed at the home of long-time Talbot Hill owners, Dan and Ruth Bolejack, who share their home with Marco and Maya (CH. Talbot Hill’s Opus One).  Thank you to the Phoenix Arizona Beagle Club for their hospitality and to Dan and Ruth for sharing their beautiful home with me and George!  We had a wonderful time in Phoenix!!

Specialties are SPECIAL!  They are a time for breeders to see dogs and connect with other breeders.  George was 15″ Best in Sweeps and RWD at both specialties BUT…it was not the wins that I went down for.  I went down to see dogs that didn’t make it to Nationals and to see breeders that I needed to talk to.  I went down to support PABC and to represent the latest that Talbot Hill has to show.  It was a great experience for George, who has a lot of maturing to do.  This was just his second show but he handled everything marvelously for an 8 month old puppy and I could not have been more pleased.

Once again, THANK YOU!, to everyone who made our brief visit to AZ so special!





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