What’s Next?

Tiny and family are doing well and great-grandpa, Herbie, watches from a safe distance.  A video of the puppies enjoying their breakfast this morning can be seen by clicking this link.

In about 10 days the puppies’ eyes will begin to open and they will become more mobile and start to interact with each other.  I’ll continue to post photos here on my blog in the coming weeks.

I appreciate all of the interest that I’ve received for this litter.  This is a collaboration between two breeders in Seattle, a breeder in Minnesota, and a breeder in Argentina.  Together we will determine which of the puppies we want to keep to further our breeding programs and which will be made available to pet or show homes.  What we are looking for, as breeders, are puppies that exhibit the breed type and structure described by the breed standard that can be found on my web site.  The puppies are too young to assess at this time so we appreciate your patience and hope that you will enjoy the photos for the next few weeks while the puppies continue to mature.

Show and pet homes should follow the instructions on the Puppy Application page of my site.  I have not yet looked at any applications so everyone will be on an equal footing when I print them out and begin to review them this weekend.


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