Puppy Applications

The puppies are doing great and older brothers, George and Mate, are fascinated by the new additions to the family.

This morning I printed out applications for puppies from this litter and replied to each of the applicants.  If you are interested in a puppy but did not receive a response, please see the “Puppy Application” page on this site and follow the instructions.  “2016 Puppy Inquiry” must appear in the subject line.

None of the puppies are spoken for at this time.  The breeders will keep the puppy or puppies that most closely meet the goals for this breeding.  The remaining puppies will be made available.  An announcement about availability will typically be made around five or six weeks of age…in this case, mid-June.

7 thoughts on “Puppy Applications

  1. Hi. We’re looking for a 13” tricolor male puppy. Do you have any males available or any litters coming this summer/falls? Thanks.

    1. 13″ male puppies are quite hard to come by and if a breeder does find one in their litter, they will often keep them. It’s unlikely that I’ll have one in my litter.

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