Milestones at Three Weeks

So much happens at three weeks of age.  By this time the puppies’ eyes have opened, they are starting to walk and interact with each other, and I have a few new surprises for them as well.  This weekend I removed the puppies’ spacious whelping box and replaced it with a much smaller bed for them to sleep in.  Adjacent to their bed is a pan filled with wood pellets that they are being trained to use as a litter box.  Just like humans, the first thing that a puppy needs to do when it wakes up is pee…so every hour or two, we take a sleeping puppy, wake it and place it in the litter box where it does what it needs to do.  The puppies then wobble back to bed and go to sleep.  They quickly associate the litter box with it’s intended purpose and housekeeping becomes a much easier process.

The puppies are introduced to solid food for the first time at three weeks, too.  Some litters are more enthusiastic about this than others.  This litter was quite happy to try solid food!  Mom is happy to clean up whatever they can’t eat.

Tiny and the puppies continue to do well.  More soon…


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