A Busy Week

I LOVE what I do.  Who wouldn’t love spending time with so many adorable puppies but what you don’t see, perhaps, is just how much work and skill goes into properly raising a litter of puppies.  In addition to my own litter of eight, I am currently “puppysitting” a litter of six for friends who are traveling.  My entire day, when I am not at my regular job, is devoted to feeding, cleaning, and caring for beagles and when I get the common question…”How can you bear to part with them?”…the answer always comes easily…

…”there comes a point at which there is just too much poop!”  🙂

A sense of humor is a valuable asset and I have been blessed!  🙂  Patience is also a blessing and I want to thank the applicants again for their patience in waiting to hear from me.  I have been very, very, very busy….but you will be hearing from me this weekend.  🙂

2 thoughts on “A Busy Week

  1. It’s too bad you don’t have enough puppies for everybody. Are there any breeders that you would recommend for adopting a healthy puppy?

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