I removed the application page from my web site today and will continue to work with existing applicants for the puppies from my 2016 litter.  In the coming weeks we (the breeders) will be making decisions about which puppies we want to keep, which we will offer for show, and which will be offered as pets.

Today I can announce the first of the puppies to be offered as a pet:  Daphne

And those that will be staying at Talbot Hill for now:  Audrey and Aeden

More announcements will be coming soon.

Additionally, I have a red & white adult male that is looking for a good home.  “Cello’s” family will be moving out of the country and will be unable to take him with them.  He is a sweet, well-behaved boy that would make a great addition to a wonderful home.  He was born 7/14/07 and is the son of BIS/BISS CH. Talbot Hill’s Thyme After Time and CH. Talbot Hill’s Razzle Dazzle.  His brother, Talbot Hill Lemon Thyme, is the grandsire of my current litter.  There is not cost to adopt Cello, we simply want to find him a good home.

***Update 6/23/16:  Cello will soon be going to his new home!***




11 thoughts on “Available…

  1. CeeLo is gorgeous from his birth to his age.
    His owners left him and the rest of us pray, that he’ll find the home that will nurture his fray.
    We’ll save him from the darkness that left him afraid.
    He won’t judge his owners that left him for prey, but I’ll pray for them both even tho they left Cello afraid.
    Where did they go?,why did they leave?
    I was the best dog ever until they found another need.
    I’ll be your friend till the end of my time.
    I will show you my goodness ,if you’ll just take me in.
    It’s hard not to be angry as they cast me aside.
    That I’ll grow from this empty that left me in stride.
    So take care in your decision because I’ll want to stay, with my forever family who will love me until the day.
    Please remember, I’m perfect in every way, out of that way that left me stranded but not decayed.
    My heart is still filled with that puppy love.
    I want to give to a human who will love me and not treat me like a scrub.
    So remember the oath just because I’m a puppy does not mean I can be scrubbed.

    1. While I appreciate the sentiments expressed above, I want to assure everyone that Cello was not abandoned. In fact, he has had a wonderful, loving home for nine years but, as sometimes happens in life, his family has needed to reach out to me to find him a new home…as I ask all Talbot Hill families to do…and I am VERY GRATEFUL to them for doing this. We are already in contact with a wonderful home in the Northwest and we are hopeful that Cello will soon be situated in an equally loving home.

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