The Puppies at 6 Weeks

Scroll over the photos to see the names of each of the puppies.

Breeders/Exhibitors may contact me via Facebook regarding the puppies that are staying.  Some may be staying at Talbot Hill, some may be offered to show homes, some may eventually be offered as pets.  It is still too early to tell and I want to give these puppies a little more time.

Tiny y Brian

One thought on “The Puppies at 6 Weeks

  1. Could I be a champion ?we shall see.
    My spots and striations, do they make me worthy of thee.
    Do I come together ?can my colors match you and make your glee.
    I know, I’m cute.
    I know my eyes make you see, that I’m worthy of a championship.
    Could I be, the standard that the judges long from me.
    Or am I just a puppy for a family of three.
    I think would be better because that would make me free.
    Free from the judgments ,free from The Ring, but I want to make my breeder happy for the investment she made in Me.
    I can only be, how I was born to be.
    I just want to be a puppy loved,happy and free.
    I know my breeder will see the beauty in me.
    And make the right call were my home will be.
    My eyes Reach Out to see what they all see.
    Right color, right form, right stance , beautiful standard of me.
    Or maybe I’ll just be a puppy that love could see.

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