Senior Rescue Beagle in Need of Home

Reposted from Facebook….

Beagle folks in WA – or anyone who has room for a 13yo and a big heart-

This post is from a volunteer at Seattle Humane Society:

While I was at the vet trying to save my old dog today, a couple brought in a 13-yr-old beagle to be put down because they no longer wanted him. Dr. Velu refused, an argument ensued, and the couple turned and left, abandoning the dog without a backwards glance as he struggled in an attempt to follow them out. Broke my heart. He is a very healthy, housebroken, trained and sedate fellow. The vet is offering free veterinary care for the rest of his life (and that’s a huge offering!) if someone will only give this poor old man a home in his waning years. Could this be you? Please call Finn HIll Animal Hospital (Kirkland, WA) at 425-814-2220 if you or a foster are willing to take him.

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