Litter Announcement

Three at Three Weeks

When I came home from Nationals last November, I had three or four stud dogs that I was considering for Tiny’s next litter.  I did my research and had some great conversations with breeders & stud dog owners who were very candid and generous with information about their dogs.  I carefully considered my goals and the information that I’d attained and narrowed the list of potential stud dogs to one, a dog that will feature in my future plans but, in the end, I made a choice that I had not anticipated…

Shipping a bitch to a stud dog during the winter months can be tricky.  Cold temperatures at either end can prevent shipping a bitch when the time is right.  Knowing that Tiny would be ready to breed in February, I considered a back-up plan.  What if I repeated last year’s litter?  I proposed the possibility to my breeding partner, German Carignano (Dukeang Kennel) and the stud dog owner.  Between us, in less than an hour, we had seven potential homes for the litter.  The 2016 litter was a very successful liter.  Tiny free-whelped eight puppies in two hours – six girls and two boys, all tri-color.  Six of the puppies are in show homes, three placed in their classes at Nationals (6 months of age, at their first show), and one puppy was the 2016 NBC Specialty 13″ RWD.  All of the puppies have marvelous temperaments and are moderate in size – most just above or just below 13″.

Earlier this week, we had nine inches of snow in Seattle – a RARE event! – and as Tiny approached the time for breeding, I was glad that I had made the decision to repeat last year’s breeding.  My other choice would have required shipping her to another cold area of the US and as a big believer in “things happen for a reason”, I prepared to act on my back-up plan.

CH. Dukeang Tiny has been bred to 13″ GCH Kinsglo Road to Rhode Island with the litter due Easter weekend 2017.  I kept one bitch from last year’s litter and co-own three other puppies from that litter so I don’t need to keep any puppies from my 2017 litter.  Instead, it will enable be to proceed with goals for the next generation.  I invite breeders, exhibitors, and existing Talbot Hill families to contact me (Facebook preferred) at this time if you are interested in a puppy.  Pet inquiries will be accepted once the litter is here and I’ve had a chance to evaluate the puppies.

Tiny y Brian


9 thoughts on “Litter Announcement

  1. Looking for a beagle puppy. Won’t be showing. Live in SW Washington. When will puppies be available and can we see them? Thank you.

  2. I appreciate your interest in Talbot Hill Beagles. The puppies are due in April and will be ready for their new homes in late June. I will post an application on the “Puppies” page of my site in mid-to-late May. Until that time, I will not be responding to inquiries for pets; I simply don’t have the time to require to all of the pet inquiries that I get. Once the litter is here and they are old enough to evaluate, I will make an announcement about available puppies.

  3. Thank you for the update ….. we have been doing a lot of searching and have decided to wait and apply with your family of pets…. fingers are crossed that there is one left, come May that has our name on it. Thanks again and will be waiting for the chance to apply….

  4. Hello Dearest Talbot Hills Beagles ,
    I’m back from my trip of seeing the sites.
    And now, that I’m rested and over the plight.
    Of eating strange food and not sleeping at night.
    I think back to the days when my application came up right but after losing my Elsa .
    I needed to take flight.
    Not knowing, if I could give of my heart which was broken in two.
    By the loss of my baby,who was too young to go passing.
    The house is so empty and the nights are too long and my wish to apply for some sunshine.
    Keeps me hopeful and feeling alive..
    Back to the time when life was a joy.
    With my constant companion beaming love and comfort from her beautiful brown eyes.
    I miss the connection and the trust that moved us through the times.
    Especially when life was just too unkind.
    My heart is now open and I trust Me again to provide.
    All the requirements for love to abide.
    The monies in place to cushion the strife.
    I believe in myself to have a new life.
    I feel confident in your skill to create ..Is it too much to say” Im glowing inside?
    Sorry ,I just couldn’t resist.
    Feeling calm and secure that my trust is not misplaced .
    Their is just no way to deny.
    With a tri colored blessing will keep me in stride.
    The only thing better would to double the surprise.
    A friend for us all seems only right.
    I understand it’s to early.
    I only ask that you keep me in mind.

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