One more week…

Tiny’s due date is just a week away.  On the left is the photo taken today with one week to go.  On the right is a photo taken 3 days prior to the arrival of her last litter which produced eight puppies.

Tiny was born on Christmas Day…will her litter arrive on Easter Sunday??

3 thoughts on “One more week…

  1. Oh, my goodness.
    I remember the days.
    When my belly was full, and my teats on display.
    I walked with a waddle.
    I had duck feet galore.
    I never in my life look so frightening or beautiful? before.
    Hush do not say, that pregnancy is anything but hoop hoop hooray.
    So I sat down and pondered ” what could they mean”?
    I feel so awful, could their be more.
    So I reached for my computer and begin to search.
    For the meaning of this condition.
    And all that took.
    The wonderment of life’s light was growning inside.
    Molecules and cells bursting.
    I felt baby kick for first time that night.
    It might be trite.
    But what a delicious feeling of calming delight.
    I finally understood.
    I know, what I’m doing.
    My body’s in charge and does the defining.
    Could it be Devine intervention.
    I finally absorbed the real meaning.
    Gave up the fight
    Settled into motherhood,
    A Magnificent sight

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