Good Morning from Talbot Hill


We wake this morning to the sight of this lovely bitch and her beautiful new family.  Mom and puppies are all doing great.  The five boys and one girl ranged in size from just over 11 ounces to just over 12 ounces.  Inspired by “road” in their sire’s name (GCH Kinsglo Road to Rhode Island), the puppies have been given names based on streets in Seattle:  Dexter, Denny, Phinney, Seneca, Mercer and Olive.  Individual photos will be shared soon.

Thank you to everyone who has sent their kind wishes regarding the new litter!

4 thoughts on “Good Morning from Talbot Hill

  1. I’m Overjoyed that everything went the way it was supposed to. Guided by your expert hand. After dealing with some unreputable breeders from Pacheco Rottweilers in Shelton. I can’t thank you enough. For being so dedicated and knowledgeable and not just creating for$but creating from a ethical and moral stance. Your blog is a testament to empower and share your experience. You have giving me so much, all the information to understand all their is to know about the needs of this breed. You should be the standard for all breeeders.
    She’s a beautiful Mom and her babies. My Elsa is here with us. This has been an emotional journey for me thank you lfor your understanding.

  2. Congratulations to you and the proud momma. 11-12 oz, healthy pups. Love the way you rolled out the ‘Red Carpet’ for them.

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