6 Days Old

The puppies will be one week old tomorrow.  By the end of the coming week, their eyes will begin to open.  For now, they perfect their eating and sleeping skills…

3 thoughts on “6 Days Old

  1. I wish, I could see the babies from your expert eye.
    I’m trying so hard, not to be falling.
    Restraining my heart has always proved to be laboring.
    I send this love into the universe.
    No matter what happens, this feeling is not wasting
    But cast with different lighting.
    Somebody else’s blessing is still a blessing.
    Content to know my time will be coming.
    You are the the genesis of a safe place to be able to keep dreaming.
    Of the walks we already taken.
    Fences and locks that may need replacing.
    To keep baby secure while learning.
    Toys and chewies that need buying.
    Training that needs investigating.
    The vet bills that will need paying,
    The nights we won’t be sleeping.
    While baby is adjusting.
    The cuddles and licks that need claiming.
    And the two maybe three hearts that need feeding.
    I wait with out complaining.
    Knowing that soon we will all be feasting.
    The best part is finally believing.
    It’s safe to keep dreaming.

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