One Week Old

The first week has flown by so quickly!  The puppies have all nearly doubled in weight and their mother, Tiny, looks great just a week after whelping.  The next big milestone, coming in the week ahead, will be the opening of the puppies eyes at around ten days, give or take.  They are not looking their best as their eyes begin to open; squinty at first and gradually opening their eyes to get their first look at the world.  I don’t take a lot of photos during this phase so look for the next photos a week from now.

Captions for the photos below can be seen by scrolling over the photos, or…click on each photo for a larger image.

Applications are beginning to come in…thank you for the thorough answers to the questions and photos!  I try to keep an open mind about the puppies until they are four weeks old and I can begin to stack them on a table, beginning the process of determining which puppies will be available as pets and which will be considered for show.  For now, I hope that you’re enjoying the photos!

2 thoughts on “One Week Old

  1. I’m loving the pictures! Going to be very hard to wait a week for the next ones!! Thanks for letting us all watch them grow.

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