A Few Of Your Questions…

I’ve been taking some time today to review applications for the puppies.  In my application, I ask if there are any questions that you have for me and I’ll address a few of them below…but first…a couple of photos from today:


The puppies are now expert eaters and sleepers at nearly two weeks of age.  Their eyes are beginning to open and mom and puppies are doing great.  Their next big milestone will come a week from now when they will be ready for their first taste of “solid” food and the process of litter box training will begin (more about that next week).

Several people have asked about the availability of the puppies.  Before the litter was even bred, I was able to identify seven very good potential homes for the puppies but, as often happens, someone may find a puppy from another breeder or life circumstances might require putting plans for a puppy on hold.  This is why I don’t keep a waiting list, take deposits, or commit to placing a puppy until the puppies are actually here and the time to make decisions draws near.

Each litter that I breed is bred with the intent to improve my bloodline and keep a puppy to continue on in the future; ie. I intend to keep pick of the litter at Talbot Hill.  Now, what is pick of the litter to me may very well be very different from your own favorite.  Last year, I kept a plain, brown-faced girl and some very pretty girls were sold as pets.  I do work with families to match the best puppy with the appropriate family; taking lifestyle, temperament, and other factors into consideration.  At two weeks of age, it’s simply too early to evaluate the merits of each puppy.  Once they are four to five weeks old and able to stand, I can begin to assess the puppies; some begin to stand out as potential show dogs/breeding stock, some need a bit more time to consider, and some may show traits that I’ve been trying to improve upon and I can make a decision to offer them as a pet.  At that point I will let applicants know about their availability.  At this time, I don’t know if I will have one puppy available as a pet…or six.

When the puppies are around six weeks of age, I begin to schedule time for potential families to come to my home to meet me, the beagles and the puppies.  It’s a time for us to get to know each other, ask lots of questions, and meet the beagles.  If both parties wish to proceed after that, I try to schedule a visit to your home if at all possible.  I like to see where the puppies will be living, help to identify any potential dangers, and discuss a strategy for housebreaking based on the layout of your home and yard.

Shots and worming:  The puppies will come with a health record that includes shots and worming.  They will go home with a sample of their puppy food and a toy with the familiar smells of their first home.  Pet puppies are sold with limited registration and a spay/neuter agreement.  Families are encouraged to have their puppy checked by a vet within three days and full refund is offered it not satisfied.  I’ve worked very hard to create a healthy bloodline but cannot “guarantee” the health of your beagle in the years to come.

Shipping:  Yes, I do ship puppies.  One of the puppies will make its new home in Arkansas with a long-time Talbot Hill family that lost their 14-year-old beagle last fall.  I do prefer homes closer to Seattle, giving me the opportunity to meet the families, invite them to my home, and visit them at their home…however, the most important thing is to select the most suitable home for each puppy.

More questions and answers to come…


4 thoughts on “A Few Of Your Questions…

  1. As always,explained in expert detail. And after the experience that I had with a unreputable breeder Pacheco Rottweilers in Shelton . I will wait for a TalbotHill beagle. I’ve already experience what happens when a breeder is only interested $. A lot of needless suffering and there’s nothing more devastating then watching a young life suffer because the breeder didn’t care about their dogs or know what their doing. As always you leave me impressed with your dedication and caring spirit. I’m very happy to know that there are breeders like you in the world.

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