Raising a Litter – Phase Two

In one of the applications for my puppies I was asked about how the puppies are raised…

My litters are whelped and raised in my living room.  With each litter I get a remnant piece of vinyl flooring to cover my hardwood floors and my whelping box is placed upon it in a warm, sunny corner of the living room.  I’ve used traditional whelping boxes in the past but for several years I have been using a 3 foot square fiberglass shower stall base that we found in the “scratch & dent” section at Home Depot for $25.  It provides plenty of room for mom and her puppies and easy access for me to assist during whelping.  It’s also very easy to keep clean!

At around three weeks of age, when the puppies are beginning to walk, it’s time to change their accommodations and begin litter box training.  Just like humans, the first thing that a puppy needs to do when it wakes up is pee…so…we begin by taking a sleeping puppy and placing it in a pan of wood pellet horse bedding.  Naturally…it pees…and the puppies very quickly begin to associate the pellets with peeing and pooing.  To ensure that there is minimal opportunity for mistakes, their bed is downsized, providing them with enough room but encouraging them to move to the pellets to take care of business before going back to sleep…

As the pellets are “used” they turn to sawdust (how this could possibly be an economical bedding for horses…I don’t know!) and you can see in the photo above that we are already having success…

As this litter progresses from one phase to the next, I’ll share more about the raising of the litter.  For now, here are a few photos from today…


5 thoughts on “Raising a Litter – Phase Two

  1. If there is anything cuter than a Beagle puppy, it’s a pile of Beagle puppies!!

    I love that you are starting the housebreaking process already. What a great foundation to have!

    1. It takes constant supervision for a few days but it’s amazing how quickly they “get it”. It makes cleaning so much easier for me and the transition to the new home easier for puppy and the new family.

      1. I am very impressed already with your dedication to your puppies and their growth. I cannot wait to see what else you do to enrich their lives and facilitate their development.

  2. Do they sleep most of the day? Do they make any noises at this age? They look so content. Happy, peaceful babies on the right path to being well adjusted dogs. It is obvious in your care and attention that you take pride in the molding of these new lives.

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