Mothers Day

I hope that everyone enjoyed a happy Mother’s Day.  My Mother’s Day began early with the familiar sound of smacking lips in search of their morning meal.  When I went into the living room I found Tiny, their mother, comfortably sprawled on a chair nearby and in her place, in bed with the puppies, was the puppies’ older sister, CoCo, cleaning and attempting to nurse the puppies!

Weaning the puppies is going well.  They are eating solid food and relying less and less upon their mom…who is rather eager to be done with this process.  In her absence, big sister CoCo is spending every moment that she can with her younger siblings.  Litter box training is also going well.  Things don’t always end up in the right spot but we frequently see the puppies choose to move to the litter box to take care of business.

The puppies’ personalities are beginning to develop and we’ve noted that we have one very intrepid little adventurer for whom the confines of a 4 foot square pen are too limiting.  Denny quickly learned how to scale the six inch barrier at the entrance to the puppy pen and would extricate himself with every opportunity, setting off to confidently explore the rest of the house.  Adjustments have since been made!  😉


Today is my “Sunday” and with applications closing yesterday, I will spend the rest of the day contacting applicants about the next steps.  I am grateful to have many wonderful homes interested in my puppies but even if I had five litters of puppies I would not have enough puppies for everyone who has applied.

Selecting homes for the puppies is the most time consuming thing that I do.  It’s both rewarding to be able to offer new companions to the waiting families and heartbreaking to have to say no to good homes.  I’ve reached out to breeders throughout the US to ask about available puppies and will share information on my “Links” page if I learn of available puppies.  My next litter will likely be in early 2018 and a second litter might be possible in the fall of 2018.

Breeders and exhibitors are still welcome to inquire about this litter.

I hope to have individual photos of the puppies later today.

Olive, Dexter, and Phinney

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