A Note of Thanks to Applicants

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who took the time to fill out an application for this year’s litter.  Your thoughtful responses to my questions have been very much appreciated and as the time nears for puppies to go to their new homes, decisions need to be made.

I am working my way through the thirty applications that I have received and everyone should expect a response from me by Thursday, May 18.  I wish that I had more puppies.  I’m always so thankful to find good homes for my puppies but having to say no to some very good, deserving homes is never easy.  I have been in touch with reputable breeders throughout the US and the response seems to be the same from everyone who has replied:  “We are overwhelmed by the requests that we are getting for our puppies”.  If I learn of puppies that are available, I will share information on my blog and on the “Links” page of my site.

This will be my only litter in 2017.  My plans for 2018 include a possible litter early in the year and perhaps a second in late summer/early fall.

I’ll end this post with a photo of Mercer who made himself at home earlier today in “Grandpa’s” bed…



2 thoughts on “A Note of Thanks to Applicants

  1. I love looking through all of the puppy pictures of Bo (Mercer) and his doggie family. Always makes me smile. I am so thankful for you, Carrie.

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