Thank You!

Thank you once again for your patience!  I had intended to spend the day writing e-mail but a rare sunny day drew me outside to do some much needed mowing and lawn maintenance.  It’s been such a long, wet winter and the yard is in desperate need of care.  I’m busy, I’m tired (getting five hours of sleep these days), and I’m putting the needs of the dogs first, as always.  People often ask how I can part with the puppies and the immediate response is “at eight weeks of age, there’s just too much poop!”  It’s also true that by the time the puppies are eight or nine weeks old, I’m exhausted and looking forward to life returning to normal.

I’ve received some very nice messages from several families who were not included in the initial invitations to visit.  Thank you!  I’ve had many wonderful offers of homes for the puppies but I don’t have enough to go around.  Those who visit this weekend and next will not necessarily be getting a puppy so I may still contact waiting families.  I understand the wait for a decision is not easy for anyone, including me, and I will try to give everyone a definite answer as soon as possible.

Today’s puppy photo…  Olive

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