This Week at Talbot Hill

The puppies are six and a half weeks old today and there are several milestones to report:

Housebreaking:  Litter box training is going great with few accidents to report; the exceptions being more a need to perfect aim than puppies intentionally putting things in the wrong place.  Nearly all of the puppies have learned to negotiate the dog door, too.  With the bottom of the door higher than the height of the puppies, they earn far more points for ingenuity and effort than they do for gracefulness but it won’t be long before they easily fly through the door.

Feeding:  The puppies are all eating puppy kibble and gaining weight well.  I started them on Acana puppy food but a supply issue caused me to switch this week to Natural Instinct Raw Boost which I have used with success in the past.

Measurements:  At 6.5 weeks we do series of measurements that help us evaluate the puppies and predict adult size.  Adult height exceeding 15″ is a disqualification in AKC show rings so an effort is made to select puppies likely to stay within the standard.

Vaccinations and Worming:  The puppies received their first vaccination on Monday and their third worming.  They are all health, happy, and very active puppies!

New Homes:  New homes have been selected for each of the puppies with the exception of Olive who will stay at Talbot Hill.  Denny and Seneca will be shown and all of the puppies will be living within a short drive of my home.  I’m often asked how I can bear to part with the puppies and while it’s true that it is hard to say good-bye, by now there is just “too much poo!” and “too little sleep”.  I work nights and the puppies wake at 5:30 am so I haven’t had more than five hours of sleep/night for weeks.  When I do wake, the house is filled with the aroma of a litter box in need of cleaning…so, I WILL miss them but I also look forward to life returning to normal.

Video of three of the puppies can be seen below.  I hope to share more in a few days when the weather improves:

Denny – 1

Denny – 2



Tunnel Play with big sister, CoCo


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