Preparing for Your New Puppy

The puppies will be going to their new homes this coming weekend.  I’ve enjoyed meeting their new families and we’ve had some good conversation about expectations in the weeks to come.  The puppies, of course, have no idea what is about to happen but I’ve been doing what I can to prepare them for a successful transition.  They are weaned, wormed, and vaccinated.  They use a litter box and a dog door.  They’ve been introduced to a crate.  They’re happy, healthy, playful, and they love people.  They’ll miss the company of siblings but they’ll love the one-on-one attention that they’ll get in their new homes.

I’m preparing items and information to go home with the puppies.  They’ll go home with enough food for a few days, a familiar toy from their first home, a small bag of pellets to get your litter box started, health records, training information, a Mud Bay coupon, and more.  New families will receive AKC registration papers and we’ll sign a simple contract.  The most important thing on the contract is boldly highlighted:  If for any reason the puppy ever needs a new home, I am to be contacted and I will find it an appropriate new home.  This doesn’t happen often but on those few occasions when “life happens” and a beagle needs a new home I am ALWAYS grateful to the family for considering the best interests of the beagle.

New owners can prepare for their new puppy by getting some rest now.  😉  Having a new puppy in the home is much like having a newborn baby.  They require a lot of your attention and they keep odd hours.  Items you’ll want to acquire:

  • Crate (Vari-Kennel 200 or similar).  Puppies will be expected to go home in a crate and for their safety should always travel in a crate.
  • Food.  The puppies are eating Acana Puppy Food.
  • Bowls.  A food bowl and a water bowl.
  • Litter box and Wood Pellets.  The wood pellets that I use are horse bedding from Tractor Supply company.  Pellets designed for wood stoves often contain chemicals that could be harmful for puppy.
  • Dog Bed
  • Toys
  • Collar and Leash.  A leather collar with buckle is preferred.  A nylon collar with a plastic snap is ok for a young dog but the plastic snaps don’t always lock completely and sometimes break.  A flexi-lead is nice to have when puppy gets a bit older.
  • Grooming supplies:  Dremel for nail care, ear cleaning fluid, brush
  • Bitter Apple.  To discourage chewing on things that shouldn’t be chewed on.
  • Poop Scoops
  • Nice to have:  ex-pen and/or baby gates to control access to the rest of the house

Many of the homes have already identified training centers to attend puppy kindergarten classes.  These classes are designed to train not only the puppy but the new owners as well.  Getting your relationship off to a good start from the beginning is important and a professional trainer will help you to raise a well-behaved dog and help to prevent bad habits from developing.  For those puppies remaining in the South King County area, I recommend Family Dog Training Center.  I’ve taken many classes here myself and I know that you’ll enjoy time spent with other new puppy owners and building a relationship with the positive, experienced trainers at Family Dog.

Finally…I will always be available to answer questions and I love to get updates and photos of the puppies, learning about their lives with their new families.  Each puppy was intentionally brought into the world and I am responsible for their welfare for the rest of their lives.

I’m looking forward to welcoming five new families into the Talbot Hill family.  🙂

One thought on “Preparing for Your New Puppy

  1. Hi my name is Jessica
    We have been looking everywhere for a beagle puppy and wondering if you have any female available? I hope to hear you soon. We are a family of five and would love to add to our family
    Thank you

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