A Time to Celebrate…

There have been a few happy tears shed at Talbot Hill today.  My slogan from the very beginning of “Talbot Hill” has been “For the show ring…or the family room” and today I celebrate accomplishments in both arenas.  This morning, Denny and Mercer went home with their “forever families”.  Denny will continue to be co-owned by Talbot Hill/Dukeang and will find himself in a show ring later this year, Mercer will have a fantastic life in a home nearby, and their brother, Phinney, went to his new home this afternoon.  Tomorrow I’ll send Seneca (also to be co-owned and shown) and Dexter to their new homes.  It’s always bittersweet to say good-bye but I am absolutely BLESSED to have found wonderful homes for each of the boys and what a JOY to have these families as a part of the extended Talbot Hill family.  Olive will stay at Talbot Hill and had to politely excuse herself and go back to bed after all the farewells had been said…


Meanwhile, as Denny and Mercer were leaving, I got news that their older brother, “Oliver”, Talbot Hill Kinsglo Twist in the Road, became a champion this morning, earning his fourth major at shows in California.  Oliver is my first champion since my return to breeding two years ago and I want to acknowledge the great team of people who have contributed to his success:  co-breeder, German Carignano (Argentina); co-owners, Serena Soares and Roger Johnson (Kinsglo), Sarah Woodling-Houle (owner of Brian, sire of the 2016 and 2017 litters), and Shea and Tiffany Skinner (PHA) who have helped with his upbringing.  Thank you all!!!  There will be a bit of celebrating at Talbot Hill this evening…

OH!  P.S. – for those who asked, CoCo managed to behave in a much more dignified manner today!  Bless her heart!


3 thoughts on “A Time to Celebrate…

  1. Carrie, Congratulations! All the pups are really cute. You did a great job. We especially love Olive. Anne and I are looking forward to putting our names in the hat for a future litter…but, God willing, I hope that time is a little later rather than sooner!

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