Meet “Blush”

After a brief trip to Chicago for three days of shows, I’ve brought home a new addition to the family, Shadynook Coming Up Roses, “Blush”.  It was fun to see “beagle friends” again…and make a few new ones!  I want to thank the Wisconsin Beagle Club for all of their hard work in putting on two specialties and special thanks to Barb Sherer and Alyssa VanDerWerff for getting me to and from O’Hare.  And, of course, huge thanks to Ruth Werlein (Shadynook) for allowing Blush to come live at Talbot Hill.





8 thoughts on “Meet “Blush”

  1. Congratulations on your new addition! The future looks bright for Talbot Hill with both Olive and Blush in your new show team!

    1. Thank you, Annica! I’m looking forward to the future with three nice bitch puppies to work with. Trewelyn has a promising future with your new addition, too. I hope that he is settled in and enjoying life in Sweden!

      1. Yes, it’s like he has been here forever even if it’s just over a week. He is a very sweet boy!

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