Looking Ahead in 2018


With less than two weeks to go until her due date, CoCo is looking forward to welcoming her new family into the world and lightening her load.  She seems to grow larger before our eyes and we’re eager to see the next generation of Talbot Hill puppies.

In my last post I mentioned that those interested in a puppy should be spending time now checking the security of fencing and looking in to local training facilities.  I’ll spend the next three months preparing your new puppy for it’s new home and I’ll want to know about the preparations you’re making to welcome your new family member into your home.  Time spent in training classes with your new beagle will not only give your puppy a great start in life but it could also lead to an exciting opportunity this fall…

In October, the National Beagle Club Specialty will be held in Portland, Oregon.  It’s a week long celebration of all things beagle and you’re welcome to attend – as a spectator or as a participant!!  Whether you’re interested in conformation, obedience, rally, scent work, or simply admiring the hundreds of beagles from around the world that will be in attendance, it’s a great opportunity for Northwest beagle fans to immerse themselves in a week of beautiful beagles.

More information about the specialty can be found here.  If you’re thinking about attending, make your reservations now!  Rooms are going fast!

For those looking for a great training center in South King County, I recommend Family Dog Training Center.  I’ve taken many classes here and many of my puppies have taken classes here as well.

3 thoughts on “Looking Ahead in 2018

  1. I am looking forward to the announcement of your puppies. We are also looking to add a baby Beagle girl to our family. We love the beagle breed, We lost our older female this past fall and her passing has left a hole in our hearts.

    The Zinns

  2. Thank you for the update of CoCo. We have all the information and we are prepared to welcome a little baby Beagle girl into our family, providing we complete the application and are approved. We are wondering when you send out applications so that we can lay out our plan for training,vet contact, recomendation letters and everything needed for approval. That’s how ready we are.
    The MacGregors

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