The March issue of the Show Beagle Quarterly will appear in mailboxes soon.  It’s the annual stud dog issue and with a litter sired by Herbie due in February, I thought it would be a nice opportunity to remind breeders of Herbie and introduce him to a whole new generation of breeders and exhibitors who have appeared on the scene since my “intermission” to deal with cancer and its aftermath.  The goal was not to solicit stud fees but simply to place Herbie before the beagle community one last “thyme”.  😉 *

stud 18 talbot hills thyme

Herbie will be twelve years old later this year so I bred him to CoCo with the hope that I might get a boy to carry on after Herbie…no pressure, Hamish!  As a breeder rebuilding her breeding program after cancer, I will always be looking for a nice bitch in my whelping box, too, and my breeding partner, Dukeang Kennel (Argentina), is hoping for a bitch puppy from this litter.  It will be a few weeks before I can start to evaluate the puppies and determine which puppies might be suitable for show/breeding and which will be offered as pets.  Breeders/exhibitors are welcome to inquire at this time.  Pet inquiries will be accepted in late March.  Please “Follow” this blog and a pet application will be posted when I am ready to consider them.

Hamish D3a
Hamish – Talbot Hill Dukeang Dinna Fash

Herbie is in good health and sired my 2018 litter naturally.  Breeders who have questions about Herbie are encouraged to ask.  🙂


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