Herbie x CoCo – Week 6

Hamish at 6 Weeks…celebrating outdoors!

The puppies are six weeks old today and I’m so pleased with how they’re developing. They’re eating solid food with gusto, using the litterbox with increasing accuracy, and with the cooperation of the weather, they’ve been able to make several trips outdoors this week. They’ve studied the grown-ups as they’ve navigated the dog door and one clever girl, Hanne, has learned to come and go through the dog door on her own! No small accomplishment given the height of the door and the size of the puppy! They are all confident, outgoing, intelligent, and affectionate puppies. They wrestle and play with the adult dogs, they love to cuddle with the humans, they’re adventurous and curious around the house, and when all of the fun is over, they go back to their pen, climb back in and curl up in their bed. Such good babies!



Happy Easter!



3 thoughts on “Herbie x CoCo – Week 6

  1. I just came across your site and I’m extremely interested in getting a beagle. Your dogs look amazing and would be the perfect addition to our family! I see the current litter is 6 weeks cold but probably all taken. When is the next litter arriving and is it possible for me to be on the list?

    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I do have plans for all of the puppies in my current litter. I plan to have one or two litters I’m early 2019. Information about a waiting list will be on my blog soon.

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