How We Measure Up…

I’ve made a mental note to not have 6 week old puppies on Easter weekend in the future…  😉  So much to do….

With that said, we managed to find time between Easter service rehearsals today to worm, vaccinate, and measure puppies.  To be honest, I almost look upon the measurements as a traditional ritual rather than a useful practice.  With many generations of measurements from many litters of puppies, the height at 6.5 weeks has been, for me, a rather poor predictor of adult height.  With that said, here are the heights relevant to my current litter:

Sire:  7.5″ (6.5 weeks)    14.375″ (adult)  His dam:  7″ (6.5 weeks)   12.75″ (adult)

Dam:  7.5″ (6.5 weeks)    14.125″ (adult)

Hamish:  7.75 inches

Claire:  7.25 inches (Update at 5 months: 12.625 inches)

Hanne:  7 inches  (Update at 5 months:  12.25 inches)

Matilde:  6.75 inches  (Update at 5 months:  10.75 inches – smallest I have ever had at this age)

Applicants will be contacted tomorrow about the placement of the puppies.  Hamish will live in a local pet home where I can watch him grow up and where he will be available to me if I decide to use him for breeding. Claire and Hanne will remain with me.  Matilde will be co-owned with a local breeder.

2 thoughts on “How We Measure Up…

  1. I believe my first beagle was a talbot hill and a Starbuck torbay. Unless I remember incorrectly. Anyway, I’m looking for a pet female. Hopefully a 13″. From your site, I’m not sure how to express interest.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Talbot Hill Beagles. I don’t have puppies available at this time but will be sharing information about a waiting list for my 2019 litters on my blog in the next few weeks.

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