A Quick Note to Applicants…

A couple of personal/family situations have delayed my plans to contact applicants this weekend.  I appreciate your patience and will be in touch this week.  The puppies are all doing great…a lovely, lovely litter.  ❤


3 thoughts on “A Quick Note to Applicants…

  1. Hello Carrie – I wrote to you a few months ago and you advised me that you would have puppies in the early Spring of 2019. It appears that I may have missed your deadline for this year as you are placing puppies now. Please advise your status regarding this issue and if I’m using your blog appropriately. I’m NOT a blogger, so forgive my inexperience with this communication device.
    A little about my family and your special beagle requirements. We have shared our home with 3 beagles over many years – they brought us tremendous joy. My wife and I live in Utah in a fully fenced yard with a locked gate. I will provide pics upon request of our home and backyard. Our energy filled friends have/had their own doggy door (a double flap due to the four seasons) and come and go as they please into the back yard. While they were with us they visited their doctor on a regular basis. We fed them high quality diets, which were recommended by our veterinarian. While they are no longer with us, there is still a place in our home for another pet quality friend (we do not show, breed or hunt).
    I travel so coming to you would not be a problem even if you do not have puppies. I’m sure you will want to meet me too for the sake of your puppies.

    Kind Regards,

    Craig S

    1. Dear Craig,

      Thank you again for your interest in my beagles. You have not missed the opportunity to apply for this year’s litter- the litter has not yet been bred. My bitch just came in season on Thursday and will be bred soon with a litter due in May; puppies will be ready for new homes in July. I will post an application on my web site in late May or June but I do not consider homes for the puppies until the puppies are actually here and I know how many I have.

      Best Regards,


      1. Thanks Carrie – I appreciate your quick response. I will check in from time-to-time between now and July.



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