Herbie x CoCo – 7 Weeks

See if you can guess who won the breakfast competition this morning.  😉









3 thoughts on “Herbie x CoCo – 7 Weeks

  1. Hello!!

    Is there any chance at all that Hamish is available? I’ve been in love with his face since I saw him.

    My Beagle, Buddy, passed last Thanksgiving from cancer and I miss my best friend. We are a foster family for Seattle Beagle Rescue and have been searching for the right pup to join our family next.

    If he’s not available, when do you expect to have your next litter? We are looking for a male pup, preferably pretty calm and inquisitive, that is happy hanging with it’s people but also loves going on adventures.

    Attaching a picture of Buddy. He was always smiling, another feature I’d like in my future pup.

    Thank you!!

    Alison Lercher

    On Sat, Apr 7, 2018, 10:37 AM Talbot Hill Beagles wrote:

    > TalbotHill posted: “See if you can guess who won the breakfast competition > this morning. Profile photo of Claire to come… ” >

    1. Hi Allison! I am interviewing a family for Hamish this afternoon. Perhaps if things don’t work out….

      I anticipate two litters in early 2019 and will be writing a blog post about a waiting list soon. Please follow my blog for information to come soon.

  2. Carrie,

    You did a wonderful job with this litter! Claire is such a cutie – but they all are! We’ll probably be ready for your next one. Paris is still in good health and is as sweet as ever, but she’s nearly 14. Where have the years gone? And I still miss Trudi.

    Anne retired last July and I have to retire this June 6th : ( We’re building a new home in Woodinville and it’s supposed to be done in late July. A lot of life changes in the near future!

    All the best, Nick (and Anne) and Paris and Candy


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