Olympic Kennel Club – Day 1

It’s been a good day at the Olympic Kennel Club show today. In 13″ Beagles, Talbot Hill Dukeang Thyme Signature won the variety and her sister, Talbot Hill Dukeang Thyme Travel was Reserve Winner’s Bitch. Sister, Talbot Hill Dukeang Three Quarter Time rounded out the class. The girls turned 6 months this past week and have had a positive experience at their first show.

In 15″ Beagles, Talbot Hill Dukeang Pressed For Time went BOV for her third major to finish. Her littermate, Talbot Hill Dukeang Press To Play was Winner’s Dog for a major and littermate, Talbot Hill Dukeang Press On Capo was RWD.

Olive made the cut in a very nice hound group this afternoon.  Hanne made a rookie mistake and peed in front of the judge at the end of the down & back.  We have room for improvement!  😉

6 thoughts on “Olympic Kennel Club – Day 1

  1. So happy that CoCo’s girls are doing so well! And Olive, also! Congratulations on a great showing!

    1. Thank you, Vicki!! CoCo’s daughter, Claire, was the big winner on Sunday, going Winner’s Bitch and BOS for her first major. Olive was 15″ BOV again on Sunday and made the cut again in a very nice hound group. It was a fun weekend and CoCo was in our thoughts as her daughters had a great time at their first show. Please give CoCo a big kiss from me! I miss her so much!

  2. Hello, I know that you mentioned that you do not hold a waiting list and to follow the blog for upcoming litters, but I’m just curious if you are planning a litter for 2019?

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