Safe Travel with Your Pet

I witnessed a horrifying scene as I left my home to run some errands this morning.  A small dog leapt out the window of a car onto the onramp of a major 4-lane highway leading from the airport in Seattle trailing an 18-inch long leash or harness strap.  Cars were slamming on brakes to avoid hitting the dog as he dashed across lanes of traffic, terrified and unsure where to go. By some miracle, the owner was able to merge over to the left hand lane and gathered the dog back into her car several hundred yards down the freeway as traffic backed up behind her.

At this busy travel time of year – at ANY time of year – PLEASE safely crate your pet when traveling in a car.  I am not only a breeder who has heard many such stories over the years but I also work at AAA. If the unexpected should happen, your pet will be so much safer if it is safely and comfortably contained.

Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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