News from Talbot Hill

It was a weekend to celebrate for the Talbot Hill family. On Saturday, Talbot Hill Dukeang Thyme Signature, “Hanne” (13″), finished at the Seattle Kennel Club dog show. The following day her uncle, Talbot Hill Dukeang Press On Capo, “Capo”, became the fifth champion from my Brian x Tiny litters. And while we were having a great time in Seattle, Capo’s older brother, GCH Talbot Hill Kinsglo Twist In The Road, “Oliver”, went Select Dog and NOHS Group 1 in Tennessee with his co-owner, Serena Soares, in strong competition. With two new champions and some nice recognition for our young special – it was a successful weekend for the Talbot Hill family.

New Champion Talbot Hill Dukeang Press On Capo, “Capo”

While I was finishing dogs in Seattle and Serena was having a great time in Tennessee, our dear friends, Bill and Teresa, began the trip home from Indiana with CH Talbot Hill Dukeang Pressed For Time, “Olive”, full sister to Capo and Oliver and aunt to Hanne. They drove from Seattle to Indiana to create the next Talbot Hill Dukeang litter…

Walter x Olive – 2019

My breeding partner, German Carignano (Dukeang – Argentina), and I first met Walter at the 2013 Nationals in Tucson. The moment that he walked into the ring, we turned to each and knew that this was the dog that we had hoped to find…

Breeding to Walter has not been possible until now but, thanks to our dear friends who made the cross-country odyssey to make this litter happen, we hope to announce that puppies are on the way sometime in April. The litter will be due in May and I will post an application for puppies at the beginning of June.

We’re excited about the future at Talbot Hill! Wins are nice but our focus is not on the “sport” of purebred dogs. We share our lives with some wonderful little hounds and we have a great group of people working together to share this very special breed with the next generation of beagle enthusiasts. If you’re interested in joining the Talbot Hill family, please “Follow” this blog for upcoming announcements.

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