Waiting List for 2019 Puppies

Yesterday I shared news about my 2019 litters on the “Puppies” page of my web site. While I don’t keep a waiting list for puppies, I do have several existing Talbot Hill families who have expressed interest in a puppy from one of this year’s litters. Preference is always given to Talbot Hill families so if you already have one of my dogs and it’s time to expand your pack, please contact me now. I would also be interested in hearing from breeders/exhibitors at this time. Please get in touch with me via e-mail or Facebook messenger.

If you’re not yet a member of the Talbot Hill family, please “Follow” this blog or join the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group for the latest announcements about upcoming litters. An application for available puppies will be posted on my web site when puppies are available.

One thought on “Waiting List for 2019 Puppies

  1. Hi, I’ve contacted you a few times and expressed my
    interest in adopting a little girl pup. I lost my husband 2 years ago, to a heart attack. We were not able to have children due to infertility (and several several surgeries and IVF treatments, to no avail. We had two beagle girls during our 34 year marriage and I am so hoping and praying for another little beagle girl. I own my company, but have staff to run the day-to-day business. I am home for most of the day, except for errands. I also have a little beach place at Birch Bay which would be perfect for a pup/dog. Our dogs were our “kids” and I do miss having a pet. Please consider me for a potential mommy for one of your girl pups. I am home during the day/evening and the puppy/dog would not be left alone. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Best Regards,
    Julie Welke
    (425) 737-0295

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