Week Three – Walter x Olive

Three weeks is a significant milestone in the life of the puppies. At this age they are introduced to a litterbox and they get their first taste of solid food. While I have raised dozens of litters, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly puppies adapt to the new challenges before them. Less than 12 hours after the litterbox was introduced, I watched puppies in this litter wake up and choose to move to the litterbox to pee. From my perspective, it makes clean up so much easier. It also helps to make the transition to the puppy’s new home easier as offering a litterbox in the new home lets the puppy know exactly where it should “go”.

The puppies also began their transition to solid food yesterday and immediately began to eat the soft, mushy kibble that was offered. The goal is to have them weaned around five weeks of age. They are all walking now, albeit a bit wobbly, but they make steady progress each day. If you’re a member of the Talbot Hill Beagles Facebook group you can see video of the puppies eating their first solid food and making their way around their new accommodations.

I’m so very pleased with the progress that the puppies are making. Their mother, Olive, is doing great and has been a great mom. The puppies are everything we hoped they would be and choosing which one will stay at Talbot Hill will be a difficult decision. Next week I’ll begin teaching the puppies to stand on the table. This training will enable me to assess the structure of the puppies and make decisions about their placement in the weeks to come.

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