Week Four – Walter x Olive

It’s been another eventful week for the puppies. Litter box training continues to go well and they’re enthusiastic about eating solid food – although mom is still a head-turner whenever she comes near! The puppies have had their first adventures outside and I’ve begun training them to stack on the table. This is an endeavor that tries the patience of both the trainer and the trainee so I may or may not have stacked photos to share this week but will hope to have good photos by week five. I’ll add stacked photos to this post as I get photos worth sharing, beginning on Saturday.

Some of the puppies look a bit sleepy in the photos above. At this age I often do my photo sessions when the puppies are sleeping. They’re a bit less wriggly when they’re still a bit drowsy. The downside is that I don’t always get a photo with the eyes fully open but at this point I’m more interested in the shape and proportions of the head.

4 thoughts on “Week Four – Walter x Olive

  1. Hi there! Long time beagle lover, and for 13 amazing years was a beagle owner. Have all the pups been claimed for either keeping to show or to adopt out to families?

  2. Hello I’m interested in Alice. Is she available and how much is she? I will be moving in two week to Hubbard Oregon and lost my babyWillow last week.

    Thank you,
    Tina Rand

    1. I dont know yet if Alice is available. She is too young to evaluate. Available puppies will be announced on my blog along with an application when available…probably in about 2 weeks.

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