Week Five – Walter x Olive

Each week brings new developments and this week has been no exception. A few days ago we got some nice stacked photos on the table…not bad for 4 1/2 week old puppies!…and last night we completed the weaning process, sending mom, Olive, home to rejoin her brother, Capo, who has missed her greatly for the past six weeks.

Later this morning I’ll be posting an application on this blog. I’ll leave it up for two or three weeks or until I have plenty of homes to choose from. This is not a first come/first served process. Please take your time in filling out the application and when applications are closed I’ll consider each applicant equally. The most important thing to me is that each puppy will live a happy, healthy, meaningful life.

Show inquiries are welcome. As a breeder, I’ve never been too concerned about ribbons or rankings so show puppies are sold with no expectations regarding titles or other goals in the show ring. What I look for is someone willing to partner with me as I work to develop and improve my bloodline. If you’re interested in a show prospect, let me know…and let’s see how we can work together.

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