Week Six – Walter x Olive

This past week was a week in which I began to make decisions about the placement of the puppies. We’ll continue to watch the puppies grow and develop but for now our intent is to keep Albus, Adah, Andrew, and Albert. Now, that’s a lot of puppies and I live in a tiny urban house with a tiny urban backyard so some difficult decisions still lie ahead but here’s how things are sorting themselves out for now….

Talbot Hill Dukeang Silver Charm, “Adah”

Adah will be going to my breeding partner, Dukeang Kennel (Argentina)

Albus will stay at Talbot Hill along with his brother, Albert….

I’ll continue to watch Albert’s development and the two boys will enjoy growing up together. Show inquiries for Albert may be considered.

Lovely Andrew will be going to a friend on the east coast where he will be shown and involved in performance events. He’ll remain available to me for breeding purposes.

Archie will be the fourth Talbot Hill beagle joining the Bolejack family in Arizona and Alice will be living with her uncle, Bo, in Kent, WA.

That leaves Arthur. I haven’t made a decision yet about Arthur. I have some good homes waiting for him but I want to watch him develop just a bit more to make sure that I am placing him in the right home. He’s a very happy, outgoing, people-loving boy…and a very nice puppy…so I’m looking at homes that are interested in show and/or performance.

Stacked photos and 6 1/2 week measurements coming soon…

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